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Tales from the edge of reason
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Star Wars - Doomed
Remember Falafel? She's back. With a vengeance.
She found the King Arthur forum. *cue dramatic music*
It's impossible to translate her application, but I'll summarize the, erm, "character" for you.

Hergonath is a Saxon from, yes, Saxony (Doesn't matter that it didn't exist back then, pfft, research.). He's the spitting image of Brad Pitt, very sexy, every man wants to be like him and every woman wants him. Excellent with the sword and his 'nickname' is "dangerous slaugtherer". Hey, his totally saxon family has all greek names! Cool, bet they were liberals or something. Of course he's lost his heart to someone (I'm betting my ass she looks like Rose Byrne. Safe bet.).
*insert repeated descriptions of just how wonderful he looks here*
Well, now our beloved slaughterer is a cold bitch, arrogant and... arrogant. But! Yes, he's totally lovely and nice on the inside (Look, this is me laughing on the inside.), FRIENDLY and HELPFUL. So what, he's slaughtering you with a smile and an apology?
Let's skip his history, I'm still not sure what it's about - worst writing I've ever read.

22nd-Sep-2009 09:26 pm - A tale of dead corpses
Facepalm Bunny
Okay, this is gold and deserves an entry here. ;D
The following person is looking for an Éomer to her Mary. She previously tried it on our board, but never registered when I told her that a) Éomer is taken and b) I'm not keen on uncounted human/elf relationships. So now she's looking for a doomed player willing to, err, roleplay her Sue fic.

my humble translationCollapse )

the german originalCollapse )
30th-Aug-2009 06:53 pm - Yo ho!
So, we're having a little dramatic moment at sea. Dealing with both a storm and a pirate attack. Sidenote: It's a small ship, not the frelling Titanic.
My humble self describes two mean, big pirates finding their way below deck. When they reach our shiny, shiny Mary Sue they're... five. Five mean, big pirates. Hilarity ensues. I imagine them being sort of stuck as there isn't much room to actually move, especially when you're big and mean. Anyway, Mary easily manages to slit one of the big, mean men's throat and take out another, cause they're oh so underestimating the pretty, shiny girlie.

Honestly, the player is a nice girl, but GO SHOPPING FOR SOME SENSE OF REALISM, DAMMIT!
30th-Aug-2009 11:02 am - Sims Rp?
Done Professionally
Okay, so we all know about the Sims games and expansion packs. However, some genius on the internet is desperate to find a Sims roleplaying game. Now, never mind the stupidity behind that given that there is no PLOT, but said person has tried to start their own game failing to find a Sims Roleplay out there. I guess people are ... playing the game, not roleplaying it?! To illustrate the genius at play here, let's check out their rules.

"in a world you play god of your sims you control you give them life, make them
evil or make them snobby, the world is limitless.


1. no godmodding/ubering you will be warned.
2. no controling other people's sims you will be warned and possibly banned.
3. listen to the sheet's rules. or your creation well be denied.

sim sheet:

name:(if its unknown just type in unknown or ???, includes lastname)
age:(if you want to be specfic type in the age, if not just type in the age group)
gender:(male or female)
appearence:(hair, eyes, and pants is needed, others can be left)
traits:(up to 5, look up the traits on gamespot sims 3 and there should be a
guide that tells you the following traits.)
favorite's:(colar, food, and music)
lifetime goal:(become a astronot, sports star, or etc)
bio:(any details?)

traits sheet:you can make traits.

name of trait:(used in it)
abiltys:(up to 3)
bio:(any details?)

town sheet:not much a chance that you will be a town creator

name of town:(nothing stuped please)
special:(like what its special for)
tradition:(if any type it in here, you can make as many as you like and some
can form)
mayor:(make someone up who runs the town, you can not be the mayor you
have too work your way up for that.)
bio:(any details?)

enjoy! "

7th-Jul-2009 09:30 pm - Duh.
Facepalm Bunny
Dungeons & Dragons elves =/ Middle-Earth elves. The end. *facepalm*
19th-Jan-2009 11:11 pm - Beam me up, Scotty!
Hey, it's been a while. ;)

We have a member in our LotR forum that is... well, she's at least sort of devoted, being there for over a year now. But let's just say she's not the most talented writer - repeats a lot of things, Yoda would beat her in grammar without problems, and you usually could reduce the actual content of her posts to one sentence.

on with the rantCollapse )

There, I feel better. *g*
4th-Jul-2008 05:28 pm - Rejected Application!
The whole application made me lol, but the description of how she looks made me fall off my chair.

"Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous, those deep blue crystal eyes. Everyone wishes they had her eyes, those deep crystal blue ones, the ones in which she see's through. Her dark hair, helps to predominate the blue of her eyes. Her lips are soft and tender, taking you into a dream when kissed by them. Plump and pink.

Her body figure is that of imagination, slim, slender, sexy. No word quite good enough to explain it. The body which gets 'round the school faster than you can say "Oh my gosh!". Her hips are curved, skin is soft. She is tanned in such a perfect way that everyone wants some.

She loves her appearance, after having spent years of a horrible one when she finally matured she blossomed into a sex goddess. Her new appearance after she had finally blossomed into a lady has given her confidence, making her 'Popular'."

29th-May-2008 09:49 pm - Ugh, I hate snark!
Le Sigh
Okay, not sure how much this belongs here. It's more of a whinge than anything else.

I'm on a board with person A and person B. (and other people.)

A is the admin and awhile ago she made me mod. Good and fine. B joined a bit later and took the part of A's romantic interest - not because she liked the character, but because she wanted the challenge of playing a canon she didn't like.

B is very confident, runs a successful board of her own, and is very forthright with her opinions to the point where she is sometimes rude.

A is much more reserved, eager to please and careful not to offend anyone.

B has been pretty forward with many things. She's made it pretty clear she is having trouble writing with A, because she doesn't think A is 'up to her standard.' She's even said she cannot feel inspired to post with A - but she posts with me just fine, which really upsets A.

A is not a bad rper. Not at all, just different to B. I'm caught in the middle of their blue - A is asking me for help and advice and pointers on how she can improve her rpg so B will be happy. B is complaining.

I don't think A needs to improve her rp at all. I think she's doing just fine, but now her confidence is shattered and she's considering packing it in and giving someone else control. She doesn't want to kick B out because she thinks that will affect her own board's chances of survival (it's very new) and because she worries about the confrontation.

I'm trying to fix the issue without taking sides, which is hard, because I really do sympathise with A. And I'm her Mod, so I have to side with her anyway, technically. I don't think it's fair of B to be so difficult - she must know how much this upsets A ... or else she doesn't care. B and I get along quite well, too. So it's just awkward all round.

I think the solution is for B to leave. She doesn't really want to be there anyway, I don't think - and I don't like the way she's shot A's confidence to pieces. You just don't do that. If you're a good roleplayer you encourage others if you don't think they're that great - you don't shoot them down. Especially not at their own board.

However, this isn't my fight, you know? I've been caught in the middle too many times in the past. So I'm not going to act as an intermediary between them. I'm gently advising each one, but I want them to sort it out between themselves.

Does it sound like I'm doing the right thing?
30th-Sep-2007 10:20 am - Yeah, right.
Dear Mary Sue,

just because you think beautiful and interesting are synonyms doesn't mean I'm going to let you have a Nazgul pin-up. Bad enough it's a she, I highly doubt she's discovered the Oil of Olaz of Middle-Earth, so either she's as rotten as her male companions or you can bugger off. No, pouting won't help you either.

a frustrated roleplayer
1st-Sep-2007 01:36 pm - Oy with the poodles already.
PotC - Jack Sissy
My name is Jam, but they call me Missy Sparrow, cause I had to do with Captain Jack Sparrow in the past [probably means that half of the Caribbean is called Missy Sparrow... I can imagine the introductions: "My name's Missy Sparrow, pleased to meet you!" "Oh my, what a shock, that's my name too!"]. Even though my avatar shows a dark haired woman I'm actually blonde. On the inside, clearly. Surprise, surprise, I have exceptionally beautiful eyes and look angelic overall, which is totally a result of my life as a pirate, being never out in the sun and all. I dress like a modern whore, in a mini-skirt, V-neck shirt and boots up to my ass, cause there's just no other way to be sexy. Of course I'm strong, yet thin, and skilled with weapons.
I'm so going to be killed by Tia Dalma soon.
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