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Tales from the edge of reason
A tale of dead corpses 
22nd-Sep-2009 09:26 pm
Facepalm Bunny
Okay, this is gold and deserves an entry here. ;D
The following person is looking for an Éomer to her Mary. She previously tried it on our board, but never registered when I told her that a) Éomer is taken and b) I'm not keen on uncounted human/elf relationships. So now she's looking for a doomed player willing to, err, roleplay her Sue fic.

I'm having this idea since a long time, my first fanfic is based on it (You don't say.). I'm looking for Éomer of Rohan from Lord of the Rings.

Story 1:
It's about the niece of Celeborn, husband to Galadriel, Anarfael (I lovingly call her Falafel.). She's the daughter of Beriawen, Celeborn's sister, and of Eorlthain, a knight of Rohan (Holy Crap. Is that whole elven clan frolicking about with Rohirrim or what?). Shortly after a meeting during a fateful night (LMAO!) with Éomer (I knew it, elves are sluts.) she's send to Lorien to be the apprentice of Galadriel. Falafel has the gift of foresight. Years (At least I think so, she omitted the time that passed.) pass until the One Ring turns up again. Falafel is supposed to represent Lorien at the secret council. As the only woman she's part of the fellowship (How original.) and returns after a while to Rohan. There she meets Éomer and the old feelings are back. (Surprise!)

Story 2:

Falafel is not going to the council and won't be part of the fellowship. She's going to Rohan to bring the dead (!) corpses (!!) of the Galadhrim back. (Whatever they were doing there.) And meets Éomer.

Die Idee habe ich schon sehr lange da meine erste Fanfic drauf basiert. Gesucht wird Èomer von Rohan aus der Herr der Ringe.

Story 1:

Hier geht es um die Nichte von Celeborn, Galadriels Ehemann, Anarfael. Sie ist die Tochter von Beriawen, Celeborns Schwester und von Eorlthain, ein Ritter Rohans. Kurz nach der Begegnung in einer verhängnisvollen Nacht mit Eomer wird sie nach Lorien geschickt um dort ihre Ausbildung bei Galadriel zu genießen. Anarfael besitzt die Gabe in die Zukunft zu sehen. Es vergehen bis der eine Ring wieder auftaucht. Anarfael soll als Bote Loriens in die Geheime Versammlung kommen. Sie geht als einzigste Frau in die Gemeinschaft und kommt nach einiger Zeit wieder nach Rohan. Dort trifft sie auf Éomer und ihre alten Gefühle kommen wieder.

Story 2:

Anarfael geht nicht zur Versammlung und wird auch nicht zur Gemeinschaft gehören. Sie geht nach Rohan um die toten Leichnamen der Galadrim heim zuholen und trifft dann dort auf Éomer.
23rd-Sep-2009 02:29 am (UTC)
Falafel. ROFLCOPTER. Is she a necrophiliac or what?!
23rd-Sep-2009 10:03 am (UTC)
Clearly, plus she's probably a zombie or something similar brainless.
If I wouldn't know she's dead serious about it I'd think this is a parody! lol
24th-Sep-2009 10:15 pm (UTC)
Zombies in Middle Earth. Orginal *snorts* Knight of Rohan? Erm. Okay. *laughs*

Thanks for the invite to join you here, luvie! *smooches* I'm sure I'll have a few good laughs at all the 'Mary Sue' lingo here. And gods I should dig up some old KA RP ridiculous plot bunnies those silly girls used to dream up and share here. *laughs*

'Pre-natal' care storyline in the Dark Ages (for my favorite mary sue when she became pregnant with twins after falling madly inlove with her man; after only just meeting him that same RP day too) and 'Amazon Warrior Sarmatian women who easily overpowered the knights and Roman soldiers' were standard dealings in my old RP.
28th-Sep-2009 09:56 pm (UTC)
Very! lol

*cuddles* I was sure you'd appreciate the fun we all have once in a while. ;D And I'd love to hear more about that! lol

Ugh, I'm not keen on pregnancies in RPs - they're just too complicated and most of the time not very realistic. lmao, Amazon Warriros? Ouch.
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