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Tales from the edge of reason
Sims Rp? 
30th-Aug-2009 11:02 am
Done Professionally
Okay, so we all know about the Sims games and expansion packs. However, some genius on the internet is desperate to find a Sims roleplaying game. Now, never mind the stupidity behind that given that there is no PLOT, but said person has tried to start their own game failing to find a Sims Roleplay out there. I guess people are ... playing the game, not roleplaying it?! To illustrate the genius at play here, let's check out their rules.

"in a world you play god of your sims you control you give them life, make them
evil or make them snobby, the world is limitless.


1. no godmodding/ubering you will be warned.
2. no controling other people's sims you will be warned and possibly banned.
3. listen to the sheet's rules. or your creation well be denied.

sim sheet:

name:(if its unknown just type in unknown or ???, includes lastname)
age:(if you want to be specfic type in the age, if not just type in the age group)
gender:(male or female)
appearence:(hair, eyes, and pants is needed, others can be left)
traits:(up to 5, look up the traits on gamespot sims 3 and there should be a
guide that tells you the following traits.)
favorite's:(colar, food, and music)
lifetime goal:(become a astronot, sports star, or etc)
bio:(any details?)

traits sheet:you can make traits.

name of trait:(used in it)
abiltys:(up to 3)
bio:(any details?)

town sheet:not much a chance that you will be a town creator

name of town:(nothing stuped please)
special:(like what its special for)
tradition:(if any type it in here, you can make as many as you like and some
can form)
mayor:(make someone up who runs the town, you can not be the mayor you
have too work your way up for that.)
bio:(any details?)

enjoy! "

30th-Aug-2009 07:57 am (UTC)
LMAO! "Pants is needed" would make such a great line on an icon. *gigglefit*
30th-Aug-2009 03:13 pm (UTC)
I guess there will be no "woo hoo" option in this rpg. :p
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